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Bridgett Lopez:
“Going Coastal” was an amazing show! I really enjoyed ALL of the dances. The choreography and costumes were brilliant for every number. Mrs. Nancy Ward and her staff of exceptional teachers and choreographers did such a great job putting it together. Here are some photos from Saturday. I will upload more later tonight. Can’t wait for next year’s show!

Jackie Castro-Cooper:
Didn’t have a chance to tell you but your recital last year was magnificent. all the different choreography, music, costumes. Truly opened everyone in the audience to a new and wonderful experience. That black swan tutu was stunning! Also love you and all our talented teachers. Your ability to take chances is inspiring. :)

Mario Velez (of Diverse Elements):
Just wanted to show my gratitude and love. I was so incredibly fortunate to work for this GEM of a lady Mrs Nancy Ward ! You not only showed us southern hospitality but generosity, passion and LOVE! The kids were so respectful, hard workers and just plain AMAZING! Thank you Tiffany Fairchild-Schlater for setting it up! Love you Mrs Nancy! NWD FOE SHO!!!

Cori Frazier Walker (Event director at IP Casino in Biloxi):
The dancers were beautiful and their performance was energetic and awesome! We appreciate you guys being part of our event, sharing the talent of these wonderful young women to support us in reaching our goal. Thank you so much for the time and effort that you all put into making it happen during such a busy competition season! We appreciate each of you!